Sin of Omniscience #1 Sample

Limited Immunity Leam Commission

Ultimately, there are a lot of developments that happen on a given day, but I'm realizing now how complicated it becomes to keep all of the news about it updated. You have to squelch a lot of the boring news that people probably don't care about, but keep enough of the day to day stuff on the radar so people can keep up with you.

While we sort that all out, we have tons of other content at least, so that's something.

Limited Immunity Commission by Maja

This week's commission comes to us from Maja Cronvall, a great friend of ours who has some very promising work. There's something very michevious about everything she does, and I love it.

As for updates, we're hoping to have Sin of Omniscience #2 available by Pittsburgh Comicon. We're also hoping to have some updates on our publishing opportunities soon!