Sin of Omniscience #1 Sample

Odd19 is now on Comixology!

It's finally here! We've been wanting to announce this for months but it kept getting pushed back. We're just happy to finally be able to offer Sin of Omniscience #1 on Comixology.

For those not familiar with it, the way that it works is you go through the individual panels using a guided process, and it's a great way to experience comics. The mobile app makes it especially interesting. We have to admit the way it works in the reader looks pretty great. The comic's colors are very vibrant so they look pretty great on a display, and the animated movements between panels adds some suspense.

Anyway, we really hope you enjoy it!

In other Odd19 news, we're also happy to announce that is the final Odd19 site to be transitioned to our own blogging platform, Cuervo. Why does this matter? Well it'll make the site quite a bit faster and you should be seeing some other updates to it, including the following:

Odd19 also has an RSS feed available right here. Hope to see you around the site again soon!